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It still works. 
It's a little more tricky as, unlike the D700, you can't control the settings for each flash in camera. The SB800 has it's own controls when you set it to be the master flash.
These photographs were taken mid-afternoon. The one on the right - without flash. The other, I reduced the aperture on the camera down to f/14 to cut out most of the natural light, and placed the SB600 (secondary flash) to the far side left and used the master flash to control it.
I think using flashes off camera can improve some photos, just think about where and how you're going to use them.
<![CDATA[My new Nikon D850]]>Fri, 27 Mar 2020 14:03:23 GMThttp://lightsauce.co.uk/blog/the-new-nikon-d850
It's been around a week that I've owned this Nikon D850, my D700 although a thoroughly great camera, was getting a little long in the tooth. Also, my 24-85 lens hadn't been used in quite a few years and had acquired mould inside the front lens and has been replaced with a superb 24-70 2.8.
I'm getting used to it now, the last four days has been quite intensive, nothing else much to do except experiment and get used to the new Nikon.
First impressions:
Fantastic, extremely robust, and that 46mp sensor, coupled with excellent glass, is a wonder to use. Some of the photos taken with it can be seen in the 'Lockdown' page of this site.
No built-in pop-up flash:
This is something I'm going to have to tackle at some stage. My D700 has a pop-up flash that can be used with CLS (Nikon's wireless, line of sight, off camera flash system). The D850 has a built in radio controller instead. I'm going to see if my SB800 flash unit can be used, fully, in Master mode, to control my other off camera flash i.e. my SB600.

​I'll go into a bit more detail in later blogs. TTFN.